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wężykiem-wężykiem – text game generator

wężykiem-wężykiem is a text game. It is also a program for generating such games.


You have a rectangular board filled with letters. Start with top left corner and walk through the board. You must visit each letter once and only once. Letters will make some text.

Example (to be or not to be – that is the (...)):


You can download some boards here. Print them, take a pen and try to solve them.


Here you can download a tool which can generate such boards. It is used from command line, you need a Python to run it – so it is useful mostly to Linux users (or Windows hackers). You use it like that:

$ python wezykiem.py --width=8 --height=4 --text='To be or not to be - that is the question'

On output it shows the path through the board and the board filled with your text:

The code may be useful for other game programmers as well, because it generates random Hamilton paths on the rectangular board efficiently - it can generate the path on 100x100 board in several seconds.


You can download and use this program under terms of any OSI approved open source license - – for instance GPL.