ged2dot2html is a tool which reads gedcom file (genealogical data) and produces a family tree as clickable html.


There are many tools that produce such family trees, but I don't like any of them, so I produced my own. My priorities were and hence features are:

try it

Want to know more about ged2dot2html? Just take a look at the sample output of it.

download it

You can download it and freely use it (it is licenced under GPL). To run it, you need:

It is tested on Linux, but probably can also run on other platforms.

bugs, problems and misfeatures

This tool is a part of some bigger project, which is not finished yet. However, I felt it is a good idea to publish ged2dot2html now. For sure it is not polished, but I think it can be useful even now.


If you have any questions, suggestions etc, just contact me.